Homer Hickam

"Carrying Albert Home" By Homer Hickam

Dec 14, 2015

“Carrying Albert Home”

Author: Homer Hickam  

Publisher: William Morrow

Pages: 432

Price: $25.99 (Hardcover)

“Carrying Albert Home” is in some ways familiar Homer Hickam territory. Beginning with “The Rocket Boys” (1998), Hickam gained his first successes with memoirs of home, Coalwood, West Virginia. “Albert” might be considered the fifth in that series. But there are big differences.

Crater: A Helium-3 Novel

Jul 10, 2012

“Crater: A Helium-3 Novel”

Author: Homer Hickam

Publisher: Thomas Nelson, Inc.

Pages: 311

Price: $14.95 (Cloth)

Over the years Homer Hickam of Huntsville has tried his hand at several genres. He’s done straight nonfiction with books like “Torpedo Junction,” series fiction with his WWII Josh Thurlow of the U.S. Coast Guard books, and of course his several volumes of memoir, set in West Virginia, beginning with “Rocket Boys.”

The Far Reaches

Dec 24, 2007

This is an action-adventure novel, a thriller, a yarn, and needs to be taken as such. In the first chapters Thurlow is part of the Marine landing on Tarawa, one of the nastiest battles of all the nasty battles of the Pacific. The Marines went ashore on the wrong tide, the Higgins boats got hung up on the reef and shelled to pieces, and many Marines drowned trying to walk to shore in battle gear. The defending Japanese marines either died in combat or committed suicide. There were nearly no prisoners.

The Ambassador's Son

Jun 28, 2005

A mix of politics and adventure on the high seas. Recommended "summer reading."

The Ambassador's Son

Homer Hickam of Huntsville, Alabama, was best known for his memoirs of growing up in the coal-mining country of West Virginia.

His first volume, Rocket Boys, made into the very fine movie October Sky, was followed by Sky of Stone and The Coalwood Way.

The Keeper's Son

Sep 22, 2003

German submarines sank over 400 merchant vessels and some warships before the United States got convoys organized and protected and began to bring to bear the technologies of radar, sonar, air patrols, coastal blackouts, and all the rest.

The Keeper's Son