Albertville, AL – America's largest minority population is making its footprint in this state. In the past 15 years, Hispanic Alabama has arrived. We'll explore this growing segment of our society in a series of reports. Amanda DeWald begins the journey at a caf in downtown Albertville.

Albertville, AL – In downtown Albertville, Hispanic entrepreneurs have flourished, thanks in part to an influx of immigrant labor to the Sand Mountain community. Amanda DeWald reports.

Albertville, AL – Public educators are frontline witnesses to America's shifting patterns of immigration. Reporter Amanda DeWald takes us to a migrant preschool at the heart of the state's Hispanic migration in Albertville.

Albertville, AL – Hispanic immigrants to Alabama use many different languages and dialects, and this creates a communication barrier between parents and educators. Reporter Amanda DeWald looks at the challenge of parental involvement - regardless of their language or literacy.

Tuscaloosa, AL – The Cooperative Extension Service was created to take the research generated at land-grant universities and make it more useful to the nation's farmers. In Tuscaloosa, the Center for Community-Based Partnerships is using a similar philosophy to connect Spanish- and English-speaking worlds. Amanda DeWald reports.

Birmingham, AL – The state's growing Hispanic population brings a growing need for Spanish-language media. Those radio stations and newspapers are key players in helping immigrants integrate. Amanda DeWald reports