heat stroke

8:45 am
Sat June 21, 2014

Leaving Pets In Hot Cars

What NOT to do!
Credit Just chaos (Jean) [Flickr]

The most common cause of heat stroke in a pet is leaving it in a parked car on a warm (not necessarily hot) day.  If it's too hot for you to sit in a closed car (or one with the windows slightly cracked), it's too hot for your furry friend.


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8:45 am
Sat July 20, 2013

Heatstroke and Your Pet

It sure is hot today!
Credit OakleyOriginals

Even as hot as it is now in the summertime, your pet still wants to play!  Be careful, because your furry friend may become overheated - and that could lead to tragic consequences.


Summertime heat can pose a serious health risk for our pets. It’s usually a combination of the temperature and the humidity in the air that creates the danger, because of the way a pet’s body rids itself of excess heat.

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