Governor Bob Riley

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            For years, Alabama was a “flyover” state for candidates seeking the presidency. That is, until recently. Within the past two weeks, the Yellowhammer State has been a popular destination for the seeking the Republican nomination.

            “You know I represent the state of Texas, we’ve got twelve hundred miles of border with Mexico, and we see firsthand the consequences of illegal immigration…”

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An organization headed by former Gov. Bob Riley has awarded nearly 1,500 scholarships for students to attend private schools rather than failing public schools.

The Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund released enrollment figures Monday, as well as an audit report saying none of its board members, including Riley, received any money.

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Former Gov. Bob Riley says he's serving as the unpaid chairman of a scholarship organization because he believes in a new Alabama law that provides scholarships to families that move their children from failing public schools.

Riley started the Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund with Tampa businessman John Kirtley, who started a similar program in Florida.

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Former Gov. Bob Riley will be a major player in the 2014 elections in Alabama even though his name is not on the ballot.

Riley has raised more than $1 million for his political action committee, Alabama 2014, and he's using it to help Republicans keep their seats in the Legislature.

Riley's PAC has given $23,884 to Rep. Jim Patterson of Merdianville, $22,501 to Rep. Ken Johnson of Moulton, $21,583 to Rep. Wayne Johnson of Ryland, and smaller amounts to other incumbents.

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A federal appeals court in Atlanta has upheld a lower court ruling that VictoryLand casino and dog track may owe its former employees millions.

State of Alabama

Gov. Robert Bentley's administration has abandoned a budgeting process used by former Gov. Bob Riley's administration that required government agencies to set goals and plan their spending to achieve those goals.

The budgeting process, which went by the acronym SMART, was run out of the state's Executive Planning Office. The last person to head that office, Jonathan Barganier, says that data collected was useful, but it often wasn't used by legislators for budget decisions. He said the additional paperwork it required was a challenge.