Frye Gaillard

“Go South to Freedom: Based on a True Story”

Author: Frye Gaillard

Publisher: NewSouth Books          

Pages: 80

Price: $17.95 (Hardcover)

Journey to the Wilderness

Apr 13, 2015

Title:  Journey to the Wilderness
Author:  Frye Gaillard  
Foreword by Steven Trout
Publisher: NewSouth Books
Price: $23.95 (Hardcover)
Pages: 160

Frye Gaillard is now recognized as one of Alabama’s most prolific and most important nonfiction writers with books on Southern literature, civil rights, NASCAR, country music, Jimmy Carter and, generally, all things Southern.

“The Books That Mattered: A Reader’s Memoir”

Author: Frye Gaillard

Publisher: NewSouth Books

Pages: 206

Price: $27.95 (Cloth)

A few writers, even in mid-career, will deny that they read anything much. Faulkner denied, disingenuously, that he had read Joyce’s “Ulysses,” for example, probably for fear readers would feel he had been unduly influenced by Joyce’s stream-of-consciousness experiments.

Frye Gaillard, now writer-in residence at the University of South Alabama, has earned a place on the top shelf of interpreters of the recent South. This is the shelf occupied by popular writers such as Hal Crowther and Roy Blount Jr. and academic scholars such as Wayne Flynt.

This degree of cruelty at the hands of government was not to be matched again until 2005, when the citizens of Alabama looked to FEMA and other government agencies for aid after Katrina.

The joke among pundits is he used the presidency "as a stepping stone to greatness." Gaillard reevaluates both the Carter presidency and the years since, neither canonizing nor castigating.

Prophet from Plains

Cradle of Freedom

Aug 30, 2004

Why was Alabama so important? Because Birmingham was understood to be the most segregated city in America and the meanest--the toughest nut to crack.

This is Don Noble's 100th book review for Alabama Public Radio.

Cradle of Freedom