Frank Turner Hollon

“Austin and Emily: Sometimes Love Is Blind…and Deaf…and Dumb”

Author: Frank Turner Hollon

Publisher: MacAdam/ Cage

Pages: 294

Price: $20.00 (Paper)

Frank Turner Hollon, an attorney in Baldwin County, Alabama, has been a steady producer of dark, painful novels, usually involving betrayal and often death. With books such as “The Point of Fracture” and “Blood and Circumstance” he generated a loyal readership.

After a while, I left that group, thinking Hollon was repeating himself, writing too fast and too thin.

As demonstrated best perhaps in The Point of Fracture, Hollon is capable of convincing, intricate plotting, but those skills are not evident in The Wait.

Let me begin with a simple description of The Wait. This is a first-person narrative. The protagonist and speaker, James Early Winwood, is telling the story of his life, not to any presumed listener, as in a Joseph Conrad novel, but to you, the reader. The novel seems to be set in the present and seems to be set in the South; the grandfather is called Paw-Paw. Otherwise, who knows?

Blood and Circumstance

Sep 11, 2006

Frank Turner Hollon, a practicing attorney in Baldwin County, Alabama, has been turning out short murder-suspense novels at an incredible pace. Blood and Circumstance is his sixth of these since 1999, and he has also published a children's book, Glitter Girl and the Crazy Cheese.

The Point of Fracture

Jan 30, 2006

Frank Turner Hollon is a practicing attorney in Robertsdale, Alabama, and one of the fastest, seemingly effortless writers to come along in Alabama for a long time. All of Hollon's novels involve crime, the law, lawyers, courtroom procedures, rules of evidence, and the rest of what you would expect to find in an attorney's fiction, but The Point of Fracture is the best yet.

Life is a Strange Place

Jun 21, 2004

Life Is a Strange Place is set in New Orleans, but not really. Instead, it is set in dreamland; it is a dreamscape. Barry has landed in a frustration dream where whatever he attempts will not go right.

A Thin Difference

Sep 1, 2003

The prolific Frank Turner Hollon has just published his third novel. At first, A Thin Difference seems like many another crime novel you have read.

A Thin Difference