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Nov 11, 2015

This story is an assignment from JN 325, taught by Dr. George Daniels and APR news director Pat Duggins. The students are coached by members of the APR news team.

PHC Joke-A-Thon

Mar 1, 2012

A lawyer, a blonde, a nun and a trombone player walk into a bar......

It could only be a joke-a-thon weekend on A Prairie Home Companion!  Not only will you be able to hear the "The Ying Tong Song" from the BBC's "Goon Show," but there will be a tribute to the Marx Brothers and Tom Keith's utterly perfect chicken sounds. And I've heard rumors that about a rather unfortunate school lunch that was served at Lake Wobegon Elementary School.

It sounds like a lot of fun - the kind that can only be had with Garrison Keillor and the gang.