Dynamite Hill

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley is moving forward with plans to close some driver’s license offices across the state.

Bentley made the remarks today during a trip to Birmingham.

There are 33 possible driver’s license offices in the state that could close.  He will follow the recommendations by Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Director Spencer Collier.

In addition to the license offices, Bentley is expected to close some Alabama National Guard Armories and possibly some state parks. 

A Selma-based auto supplier is continuing its lawsuit against a former employee they fired, after a Montgomery County judge ruled whistleblower protections don’t apply.


Events like the Children's March and the Stand in the Schoolhouse Door in 1963 brought the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham to the forefront of the nation's attention, but long before that hard battles were being fought to beat back Jim Crow. Attorney Arthur Shores was one of these civil rights leaders and he resided in a neighborhood that became known as Dynamite Hill.