Drug Enforcement Administration

US Drug Enforcement Agency / Wikimedia Commons

Authorities in Alabama say they've recovered about $100,000 worth of a designer drug that's so new the Drug Enforcement Administration is still trying to classify the substance.

Etowah County officials say the drug is a white powder called AB-Pinaca. It's used to make synthetic drugs called "spice."

About four pounds of the drug was allegedly shipped from China to a home in Etowah County.

US Drug Enforcement Agency / Wikimedia Commons

Federal agents are serving hundreds of warrants in dozens of cities as part of a continued crackdown on synthetic drug manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.

A spokesman for the Drug Enforcement Administration says agents in at least 25 states began serving search and arrest warrants at homes, warehouses and smoke shops early Wednesday.

The largest single operation is a state-wide effort in Alabama. Agents also are serving warrants in Florida and New Mexico, among other states.