chemical weapons incinerators

Chemical Weapons Incinerators
7:45 pm
Sat November 16, 2013

Army Scrapping 4 US Chemical Weapons Incinerators

The Army is scrapping four U.S. chemical weapons incinerators including the one at Anniston Army Depot.
Credit Jay Reeves / Associated Press

The Pentagon spent $10.2 billion over three decades burning chemical weapons stored in four states. Now, with those chemicals up in smoke and communities freed of a threat, the Army's in the middle of another, $1.3 billion project: Demolishing the incinerators that destroyed the toxic materials.

In Alabama, Oregon, Utah and Arkansas, crews are tearing apart multibillion-dollar incinerators or working to draw the curtain on a drama that began in the Cold War, when the United States and the former Soviet Union stockpiled millions of pounds of chemical weapons.

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