NASA is gathering stakeholders in the International Space Station to look at the future of the orbiting complex, and potential changes could impact the city of Huntsville.

NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville controls science work that’s done aboard the football field-sized space station. That could soon mean working for or with private industry on the complex.


When Donald Trump won the presidency many were curious to see who would be the big winners and the big losers. It looks like Alabama’s defense industry may do very well when the upcoming budget is hashed out.               


A federal judge will review an agreement to settle a desegregation case involving Huntsville city schools.

The school system and the Justice Department released the agreement on Monday. It's aimed at resolving disputes over the racial fairness of a student attendance plan devised last year.

The federal government objected to the plan arguing it didn't improve academic opportunities for black students.   The school system agrees to take several steps in the settlement, which follows mediation sessions.

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley says Boeing used the state for leverage when it was shopping for potential plant sites during labor negotiations.

But Bentley said Wednesday that he believes the aircraft manufacturer really was interested in the Huntsville area as a new home for jetliner production. Bentley says putting together a proposal for the plant will help Alabama eventually.

Bentley made his remarks after a luncheon speech in Birmingham where he talked about the upcoming legislative session.

Boeing Co.

Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle is calling Boeing a significant community partner after the city lost its bid to build the company's new 777X jetliner.

Huntsville was among more than 50 sites in 22 states whose leaders tried to convince Boeing to open its $10 billion assembly plant in their communities. reports the manufacturing operation will support an estimated 8,500 jobs.

That manufacturing plant will be located in Everett, Wash.


Gov. Robert Bentley's office says Alabama is interested in seeing Boeing jetliners built in the state, but it isn't saying whether that might happen.

Boeing says it has started telling states whether they remain in the running to build its new 777X aircraft.

Bentley spokeswoman Jennifer Ardis said Friday the state remains in a non-disclosure agreement with Boeing, so officials can't comment on the project.

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Gov. Robert Bentley says he's assuring Airbus that it is still Alabama's priority even though he's courting their competitor, Boeing.

Bentley says he was up early Friday to work on Alabama's offer to Boeing to make the 777X aircraft in the Huntsville area, and he said he will work throughout the weekend to finish the proposal by its due date Tuesday.

One issue is how much money Alabama can offer after landing the Airbus aircraft plant in Mobile last year. Alabama and local governments offered several tax breaks and $158 million in incentives.

House Speaker Mike Hubbard says he's assured the governor that the Legislature will make sure Alabama is competitive for the Boeing 777X aircraft assembly plant.

The Republican leader from Auburn said Thursday that he and Gov. Robert Bentley have had discussions about Boeing and have gone over different scenarios about what the Legislature could do to help.

Hubbard says he told the governor that legislators will do everything in their power to land the Boeing project.

Alabama's offer to Being is due Tuesday. Several other states are competing for the project.

Governor Robert Bentley says Alabama will be among the states submitting a proposal next week to land the assembly plant for Boeing's new 777X aircraft.

Bentley says he will meet Thursday with the state's chief industrial recruiter, Greg Canfield, to work on the proposal.

Bentley and other officials met with Boeing executives two weeks ago to try to get the company to develop the plant in the Huntsville area.

Bentley says Boeing has had operations in Huntsville for more than 50 years, and already owns a large tract of land at the Huntsville airport.

Boeing Co.

State and local leaders are working to lure a Boeing Co. aircraft assembly plant to the Huntsville area.

Gov. Robert Bentley, Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle and economic developers met Tuesday in Birmingham with representatives of the aircraft manufacturer.

Battle says Huntsville is one of several cities being considered for a 777x assembly site, and Bentley says the company likes Alabama.

Boeing said it would look for a new location to build the airplane after union members rejected a proposed contract in Seattle last week.