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Unemployment Rate
8:16 am
Tue August 20, 2013

Alabama 2nd Lowest in SE in Unemployment

Federal officials say Alabama had the second lowest unemployment rate in the Southeast in July, just behind Virginia.

Alabama had the second lowest unemployment rate in the Southeast in July.

   The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Virginia's rate of 5.7 percent was lower than Alabama's rate of 6.3 percent. The bureau also reports that Alabama had one of the nation's biggest drops in unemployment from a year ago, when Alabama's rate measured 7.6 percent. Only seven states exceeded Alabama's drop of 1.3 percentage points over the last year.

Alabama Unemployment
4:56 pm
Fri August 16, 2013

Alabama's Unemployment Rate Drops To 6.3 Percent

Gov. Robert Bentley says Alabama has not had an unemployment rate as low as last month's since October 2008.
Credit The Associated Press

Alabama's unemployment rate declined to 6.3 percent in July, which is the lowest rate in nearly five years.

Gov. Robert Bentley said Alabama has not had a rate that low since October 2008. July's rate was down from 6.5 percent in June and was well below the 7.6 percent rate recorded a year ago.

The state Department of Labor said the July rate represents about 135,000 people looking for work. That's down by nearly 5,000 people from the previous month.

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Alabama Unemployment
8:56 am
Fri May 17, 2013

Alabama Unemployment Drops to 6.9 Percent

Alabama's unemployment rate fell to 6.9 percent in April.

Alabama's unemployment rate has dipped to 6.9 percent.

Alabama Businesses
11:30 pm
Sun April 28, 2013

More Than 20 Thousand Ala. Jobs Announced In 2013

While more than 20,000 jobs were announced for 2013 in Alabama there is still work to be done.
Credit Hannah Rosen / Flickr

Last year new and expanding industries announced plans to create more than 20,000 jobs with investments topping $5.4 billion in Alabama.

But those numbers did not include a single new job or investment in almost a dozen of Alabama's 67 counties.

Three-quarters of that investment and two-thirds of the jobs are slated for the state's 15 urban counties, defined as those with cities that have populations of 25,000 people or more, reported. The rest of the new jobs was split among 41 rural counties and the 11 that ended up empty-handed are also all considered rural.

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Alabama Unemployment
4:49 pm
Fri March 29, 2013

Alabama Unemployment Rises To 7.2 Percent

State Labor Commissioner Tom Surtees said the jobless rate went up even though the number of people working in the state increased by about 3,300.

Alabama's unemployment rate rose to 7.2 percent in February.

The rate announced by the state Department of Labor is up from 6.9 percent in January and is equal to the rate a year ago. The number of unemployed people looking for work grew by more than 6,000 from January.

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Alabama Unemployment Rate
8:34 am
Mon March 18, 2013

Alabama's Unemployment at 6.9 Percent

Alabama officials say the state's unemployment rate for January is 6.9%.

Alabama's unemployment rate for January is 6.9 percent.

That's up slightly from December's revised rate of 6.8 percent. December's preliminary rate had been 7.1 percent, but it was revised downward.

Gov. Robert Bentley said Alabama now has two consecutive months with unemployment below 7 percent. January's rate is also below the 7.3 percent the state recorded a year ago.

State Labor Commissioner Tom Surtees said Alabama is seeing a positive trend, but officials must remain focused on the more than 148,000 Alabamians still looking for work.

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Federal Budget Cuts
6:42 am
Wed February 27, 2013

16,000 Alabamians to See Cut in Jobless Benefits

The long-term unemployed in Alabama will be among the first to feel automatic federal budget cuts scheduled to take effect Friday.

A spokeswoman for the Alabama Department of Labor says federal officials have advised the department to prepare for a cut of 9 percent to 10 percent in unemployment benefits for Alabamians who have exhausted their 26 weeks of state unemployment benefits and are now getting the extended 37 weeks of federal benefits.

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Business & Education
8:42 am
Fri January 18, 2013

Alabama Unemployment Drops to 7.1 Percent

Alabama's unemployment rate has dropped again.

Gov. Robert Bentley said Friday that December's rate of 7.1 percent is down from 7.5 percent in November. It's the fourth month for a decline since measuring 8.5 percent in August. The December rate is also better than the 8 percent measured a year ago.

The state Department of Labor reports that Alabama gained 7,600 manufacturing jobs during the last year, and professional and business services jobs grew by 4,500.

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