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Prison Reform: Alabama's overcrowding problem

Oct 14, 2016

Alabama’s prison system has been in the news a lot this year, and not for good reasons. Inmate riots, as well as allegations of mismanagement and corruption have pointed out plenty of problems. The Alabama Public Radio news team has spent the past several months examining what happens as people go into the state’s prison system and what happens when they come out. Today, APR’s MacKenzie Bates hears from critics of Alabama’s prisons are run and how plans to fix things may just throw money at the problem…

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There’s been a new twist in Alabama’s same sex marriage controversy. No new marriage licenses for same-sex couples will be issued, at least for now.

The Alabama Supreme Court will hear a petition from two conservative groups looking to halt same-sex marriage in the state.

The court voted 6 to 2 to hear arguments from the Alabama Policy Institute and Alabama Citizens Action Program. They claim that U.S. District Judge Callie Granade's ruling which declared Alabama's ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional doesn't apply to Alabama's probate judges.

Alabama Policy Institute

A former Bush administration staffer is taking over as president of a conservative think tank in Birmingham.

Caleb Crosby has been named to lead the Alabama Policy Institute. He's been with the group for more than three years as vice president and chief financial officer.

Crosby worked with President George W. Bush's administration in the Environmental Protection Agency and as a financial adviser. He also worked at the Treasury Department.

Credit Alabama Policy I?nstituteThe co-founder and former president of the Alabama Policy Institute, Gary Palmer of Birmingham, has decided to go from advising politicians to being a politician.Edit | Remove

The co-founder and former president of the Alabama Policy Institute, Gary Palmer of Birmingham, has decided to go from advising politicians to being a politician.

The only proposed rule for Alabama's new private school tax credits that's raising any concern is one saying the credits don't apply for children already in private school.

Alabama's Revenue Department planned a full day Thursday for a public hearing about its proposed rules for implementing the new Alabama Accountability Act. Few people showed up.

The new law provides state tax credits for parents who transfer their children from a failing public school to a private school.

The winner of Alabama's presidential primary in March, Rick Santorum, is headed back to the state.

The former Pennsylvania senator will address the Alabama Policy Institute's annual dinner Thursday night in Birmingham. Institute President Gary Palmer says Santorum will talk about where conservatives should look for hope in changing the direction of the country. Santorum participated in the institute's presidential candidate forum in Mobile in March.

Santorum recently said he's open to considering another presidential run in 2016.