Alabama obesity rates


A new report by two public health groups says Alabama has the eighth highest adult obesity rate in the nation.

The report released Thursday by the Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found that 32.4 percent of Alabama's adults are obese.

Mississippi and West Virginia tied for first place at 35.1 percent. Colorado had the lowest rate at 21.3 percent.

In Alabama, the two groups found that the obesity rate for white adults was 29.8 percent. It was 27.3 percent for Latino adults and 41.8 percent for black adults.

A program designed to help Alabamians lose weight is kicking off its seventh year.

The state Department of Public Health is encouraging four-member teams to start forming for Scale Back Alabama. The teams will weigh in the week of Jan. 19-25 and weigh out the week of April 6-12. The winners will be announced April 26.

There is no charge to enter. Teams where each member sheds at least 10 pounds are eligible for a random drawing where the first prize is $4,000, the second prize $2,000 and the third prize $1,000.

Maggie Martin/APR News

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