Alabama freezing temperatures


 North Alabama’s thermometers may bottom out as a hard freeze is expected to hit the state this evening into tomorrow. Forecasters are warning of a prolonged period of sub-freezing temperatures as an arctic cold front moves into the state. Tim Troutman is the lead forecaster for the National Weather Service in Huntsville. He says temps will be much cooler than normal…

National Weather Service

It was brutally cold over night in parts of Alabama, and forecasters say it's not over yet. Tonight's forecast is for more cold weather for the Tennessee Valley, with temperatures dropping to the mid-twenties again.

Tuscaloosa is predicted to have upper twenties, and Mobile could be in the mid thirties.

Meteorologist Holly Allen says precautions for tonight are the same as for last night.

Forecasters say the threat of freezing rain is over for most of north Alabama.

Temperatures are well above freezing in the Tennessee Valley, and the National Weather Service has canceled a freezing rain advisory for the region.

Forecasters say light coatings of ice are still possible in the east Alabama counties of Cherokee and Cleburne along the Georgia line. But any problems should be gone by mid-morning Friday.

Dozens of schools delayed opening as a precaution against slippery roads.

Alabama transportation officials say winter storm forecasts for northern portions of Alabama likely will result in icy roads causing hazardous driving conditions.

The Alabama Department of Public Safety and the Alabama Department of Transportation strongly encourage all motorists to drive with extreme caution and to avoid roadways when weather conditions are prohibitive.

Much of northern Alabama is under a freezing rain advisory until mid to late morning tomorrow.

Temperatures are expected to plunge into the mid-20s early Wednesday morning across much of northern Alabama, with freezing temperatures forecast for the central part of the state.

Forecasters at the National Weather Service say arctic air is in place over much of the nation, and temperatures are expected to be well below average over the next week.

Low temperatures are expected to be around 23 degrees in Huntsville and around 27 degrees in the Birmingham area early Wednesday. In the Montgomery area, the low is expected to be around 31 degrees.