Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore

9:12 am
Thu July 30, 2015

Mobile County Protects Big Creek Lake, Prisoner Withdraws Abortion Lawsuit

Warning sign near Big Creek Lake

The Mobile County Commission is taking steps to protect the area’s primary source of drinking water. APR’s Pat Duggins reports it’s a land purchase around Big Creek Lake…

Mobile County wants to buy 200 acres around the Big Creek Lake watershed. The county has close to $400,000 in grants from the Coastal Impact Assistance Program to pay for the property.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service gave the County the go-ahead to make the purchase earlier this week. The goal is to protect the area around the lake, which is Mobile’s main source of water.

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4:11 pm
Fri June 26, 2015

Equality in Alabama? Same-Sex Marriage Reactions

Same sex marriage advocates outside the Tuscaloosa County Courthouse

Today’s Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage is being both welcomed and criticized in Alabama. The nation’s highest court declared that state bans on gay marriage are unconstitutional, and that existing marriages have to be recognized nationwide. Many officials including Pike County Probate Judge Wes Allen say they oppose same-sex marriage and are resisting the implementation.

The ruling is being celebrated by couples APR News has been following for months.

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8:29 am
Wed March 4, 2015

AL Supreme Court halting same-sex marriages, State of the State address and charter schools

Angela Channel and Dawn Hicks at their wedding in Tuscaloosa.
Credit Alex AuBuchon

There’s been a new twist in Alabama’s same sex marriage controversy. No new marriage licenses for same-sex couples will be issued, at least for now.

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10:00 am
Thu February 12, 2015

Same-sex hearing in Mobile, peanut trade show, Florence tourism leader search

Robert M. (Bobby) Martin, Chilton County Probate Judge
Credit Jay Reeves / AP Photo

Alabama judges hope a federal court hearing today in Mobile clears up the confusion regarding same-sex marriage.

At least 22 of the state's 67 counties are issuing licenses for same-sex marriages, but the majority are not.

Chilton County Probate Judge Bobby Martin says it's been a difficult week due to the conflicting orders from federal courts and Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore.

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9:17 am
Tue February 10, 2015

Same-sex marriage hurdles and Birmingham school tax increase

Meredith Bagley and Alexandria Davenport with their Vermont marriage license

Alabama became the 37th state to legalize same-sex marriage yesterday.

Couples throughout Alabama have been applying for – and receiving – marriage licenses. But some judges are refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses, despite the threat of steep penalties.

Meredith Bagley and Alexandrea Davenport, both faculty at the University of Alabama, were married in Vermont five years ago, but they wanted to get an Alabama marriage license now that same-sex marriage is legal.

But when they went in to apply at the Tuscaloosa County Courthouse yesterday morning?

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9:13 am
Mon February 9, 2015

Moore blocking same-sex marriage, Urban Farm Camp and climber rescued

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore

Same-sex marriage is officially legal in Alabama starting today, but Chief Justice Roy Moore is doing everything he can to stand in its way.

Moore issued a letter last night ordering all state probate judges not to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. He argues that the federal district court’s ruling does not trump state law.

Ben Cooper is the chairman of Equality Alabama, a volunteer organization defending LGBTQ rights in Alabama. We spoke with Cooper before the law took effect, and he said some of these challenges were expected.

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Same-Sex Marriage
1:24 pm
Sun February 8, 2015

Same-Sex Marriage in Alabama: All Sides Waiting for Monday

Gay marriage is set to be legalized in Alabama Monday. All that’s left is for U.S. District Judge Callie Granade to lift the stay she imposed last month. At that point, same-sex couples all across the state will be free to apply for marriage licenses. That's despite a robust appeal attempt by the State of Alabama and its Attorney General, Luther Strange.

“Alabama has a law defining marriage as between a man and a woman. It’s my job as Attorney General to defend the laws of the state, so that’s what we’re doing in courts across the state.”

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Politics & Government
6:33 am
Mon August 25, 2014

Flag Used by Tea Party Could Become Alabama Tag

Alabama vehicles could soon be sporting tags featuring the rattlesnake emblem and "Don't Tread on Me" warning popular with tea party groups.

A Montgomery-based organization founded by Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, the Foundation for Moral Law, is trying to get 1,000 people to pre-order the tags. That's how many pre-orders are required for the state to begin making the tags. The tags cost $50, with $41.25 going to the foundation. It says it will use the money to defend the Alabama and U.S. constitutions.

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Clerks' Offices-Wednesdays
3:57 pm
Tue June 10, 2014

Ala. Circuit Clerks' Offices To Open On Wednesdays

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has issued an order saying the offices will be open to the public each day effective July 1.
Credit Associated Press /Chattanooga Times Free Press

Circuit clerks' offices are going to reopen on Wednesdays.

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has issued an order saying the offices will be open to the public each day effective July 1.

Moore ordered the offices closed to the public on Wednesday beginning in March 2013 because he said understaffing had put the offices behind on recording and filing cases. The employees used Wednesdays to catch up. Now Moore says the backlog in paperwork has been reduced and judges have told them the offices are ready to resume a normal schedule.

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Politics & Government
1:54 am
Sat March 22, 2014

Roy Moore Issues Dissent in Obama Citizenship Case

Ala. Chief Justice Roy Moore says the Ala. Secretary of State should have determined if President Obama was qualified to be on a state ballot. (AP Photo/Dave Martin)

Chief Justice Roy Moore says Alabama's secretary of state should have been required to determine whether President Obama was born in the United States and qualified to be on the state ballot in 2012. The all-Republican Alabama Supreme Court on Friday upheld a lower court's dismissal of a case that sought to require the secretary of state to demand a birth certificate from presidential candidates. Moore and Justice Tom Parker dissented. Moore writes the secretary of state is a gatekeeper and has a duty to determine if candidates are natural-born U.S. citizens.

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Rewriting Constitution
5:18 pm
Mon March 17, 2014

Constitution Revision Advocates Aren't Giving Up

Advocates of rewriting Alabama's 113-year-old Constitution say they are not giving up even though the process has stalled.
Credit The Birmingham News file

Advocates of rewriting Alabama's 113-year-old Constitution say they are not giving up even though the process has stalled.

The Legislature has been working since 2011 to rewrite the Constitution article by article. A Senate committee delayed action on four proposed articles after Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore and Justice Tom Parker issued advisory opinions questioning the legality of the process.

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Politics & Government
2:35 am
Fri February 7, 2014

Roy Moore Joins Fight Against Gay Marriage

Chief Justice Roy Moore
Associated Press /Chattanooga Times Free Press

Known for fighting to display the Ten Commandments in his state's judicial building, Alabama's chief justice is jumping into the national gay marriage debate. Roy Moore has sent letters to all 50 governors urging them to get their legislatures to call for a convention to add an amendment to the U.S. Constitution recognizing only unions between one man and one woman. Moore says the country's moral foundation is under attack, and a state-initiated convention under Article V of the Constitution is the only way to stop it. An Article V convention has never been held.

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Court-College Support
4:40 pm
Fri October 4, 2013

Ala. Supreme Court Issues Major Divorce Ruling

The Alabama Supreme Court's ruling reversed a decision issued in 1989 that said a judge could order a non-custodial parent to pay college costs passed age 19.

The Alabama Supreme Court has reversed a 24-year-old precedent and ruled that a judge may not require a non-custodial parent in a divorce case to pay college costs for children over the age of 19.

The court's 6-2 ruling reversed a decision issued in 1989 that said a judge could order a non-custodial parent to pay college costs passed age 19.

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Roy Moore-Rotary Club
4:53 pm
Mon March 18, 2013

Ala. Chief Justice Says 300 Court Layoffs Possible

Alabama Chief Justice Chief Justice Roy Moore warns of 300 court layoffs as a result of budget issues.
Credit Associated Press /Chattanooga Times Free Press

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore says the state's court system has $38 million less now than when he took office for the first time in 2001.

Moore told members of the Montgomery Rotary Club Monday that the financial situation has become dire. He says there are 498 less court employees now than in 2001, and another 300 may lose their jobs under budget proposals being considered by the Legislature.

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Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore
5:44 am
Mon March 18, 2013

Ala. Chief Justice to Address Rotary Club Monday

Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore is set to speak at the Montgomery Rotary Club Monday March 18, 2013.
Dave Dieter/The Huntsville Times

Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore is to speak to the Montgomery Rotary Club about the state of the Alabama Judiciary.

Moore is scheduled to address the Rotarians at noon Monday at the RSA Activity Center at 201 Dexter Ave. in Montgomery. He will also address budget matters that affect the judiciary and are currently being discussed in the Legislature.

As chief justice Moore is also the head of the court system in Alabama.

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