Alabama April 2011 tornadoes birds

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6:00 am
Tue October 30, 2012

Bird Watchers Observe How April Tornadoes Change Migration Patterns

Becky Collier's assistant brings out a bald eagle for schoolkids to see. It's part of the Raptor Trek presentation at the West Alabama Birding Trail Launch September 21.
Credit Maggie Martin/APR News

"Hi!" shouts Becky Collier, a 4-H program coordinator in West Alabama.

The kids in the audience unenthusiastically shout "hi" back.

“That was pathetic," says Collier.  "We’re going to try that again! HELLO!"


“That is how not to greet people when you’re birding, okay?" says Collier. She’s holding a presentation on birds of prey, or raptors, for a large group of kids this morning. The raptor demonstration is part of the launch of the West Alabama Birding Trail in Pickens County.

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