AEA Executive Secretary Henry Mabry

AEA's Future-Hubbert
11:54 am
Sat September 13, 2014

AEA Board Expresses Support For Mabry

After meeting Friday night, the AEA board expressed confidence in current leadership including Executive Secretary Henry Mabry.

The Alabama Education Association board of directors met behind closed doors for four hours Friday to discuss concerns raised by its longtime leader.

Former AEA executive secretary Paul Hubbert, in a Tuesday letter to board members, said AEA was in crisis. Hubbert said he was concerned about the association's finances and also the management style of current executive secretary Henry Mabry.

AEA President Anita Gibson said board members had extensive discussions about the issues raised by Hubbert.

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AEA's Future
4:02 pm
Wed September 10, 2014

Retired AEA Boss Says Teachers' Group In Crisis

The management style of the Alabama Education Association's executive secretary, Henry Mabry is being called into question by the organization's retired leader.

The retired leader of the Alabama Education Association says the teachers' organization that he built into a political powerhouse is now in crisis.

Paul Hubbert wrote a letter to the AEA board of directors, saying the organization is in danger of losing its strong membership and financial standing.

Hubbert said AEA has management, financial and organizational problems. Hubbert particularly criticized the organization's dwindling reserve funds and investment in high-risk stocks.

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Alabama-Education Fight
9:17 pm
Sat April 27, 2013

In Ala., GOP Dictates New Landscape For Education

AEA's new leader Henry Mabry now fight's an uphill battle on education since Republicans won a supermajority in the House and Senate in 2010.

The Alabama Education Association was once the unquestioned power in the Alabama statehouse. But that's changed since Republicans won a supermajority in the House and Senate in 2010.

Lawmakers around the country have made significant changes to teacher tenure, expanded charter schools and introduced different versions of voucher programs. But in Alabama, these kinds of changes have been part of a political upheaval not seen in most states.

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AEA Removed
3:44 pm
Wed March 13, 2013

Committee Says Remove AEA Chief From Pension Board

A bill in the Ala. Senate seeks to remove AEA Executive Secretary Henry Mabry from the Teachers Retirement System board.

A state Senate committee has voted to remove the executive secretary of the Alabama Education Association from the board that oversees the state pension system for education employees.

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