AEA Dues

Alabama Education Association

The Alabama State Employees Association and Alabama Education Association have lost a lawsuit over a state law that cut off a major source of their funding.

The Alabama Supreme Court on Friday reversed a preliminary injunction that the two groups got a Montgomery judge to issue against the state comptroller. It had blocked the comptroller from enforcing rules to implement a 2010 law. That law prohibited Alabama's public employees from having membership dues deducted from their paychecks if the dues were going to a group involved in political activity.

Alabama Education Association

The main funding source for one of the largest and best financed organizations in the state, the Alabama Education Association, has ended.

The organization is no longer able to use payroll deductions to collect dues to support its activities. AEA had a court-approved deadline of Monday to comply with a newly enforced state law on limiting payroll deductions.

Alabama Education Association

Alabama school systems will have to stop collecting dues for the state's largest teachers' group under a new court order.

Shelby County Circuit Judge Bill Bostick approved an agreement Thursday that means systems can't collect money for the Alabama Education Association after June 30 without special certification.

The order came in a lawsuit filed earlier this month by a Hoover woman who claimed officials were moving too slowly to implement a Republican-backed law that forbids payroll deduction to political groups.

Alabama Education Association

A lawsuit has been filed to block state education officials from allowing payroll deductions from public school employees to fund the Alabama Education Association.

A Hoover woman who filed the suit in Shelby County Circuit Court Wednesday says the AEA hasn't ensured that dues being paid by public school employees won't be used to fund Alabama Voices for Teachers for Education, the AEA's political action committee.