What's Inside an NPR Reporter's Suitcase?

Aug 28, 2012

Have you ever wondered what an NPR reporter packs in their suitcase?

Here's your chance to look.  Two pictures give us a peek. 

The first picture show us the professional tools of the trade:

  1. Reporter's Kit: Headphones, microphone, microphone stand, and audio recorder.
  2. Extra Batteries: Needed to power the audio recorder in the reporter's kit.
  3. Ruggedized Laptop: A lot of running around requires a little extra protection.
  4. Snacks: What's the trick to keeping everyone on their game during such a busy week? Snacks. Lots of them.
  5. Caffeine: Mission critical for the long days and late nights of convention coverage.
  6. Gaffer's Tape: A lot like duct tape, but even better. Used to tape down cables to the floor in NPR's convention booth.
  7. Permanent Markers: These will come in handy over and over during convention weeks. And they can even write on gaffer's tape.
  8. ID and Credentials: Security checks are required all throughout the convention venues, so ID cards and press credentials are a crucial addition.
  9.  EVDO Card: Having this little wireless device along means our team will be able to access the Internet everywhere.

And the second shows us the "fun stuff" for Florida:  sun screen and rain boots!