Behind the Mic
12:00 am
Tue August 28, 2012

What's Inside an NPR Reporter's Suitcase?

Have you ever wondered what an NPR reporter packs in their suitcase?

Here's your chance to look.  Two pictures give us a peek. 

The first picture show us the professional tools of the trade:

  1. Reporter's Kit: Headphones, microphone, microphone stand, and audio recorder.
  2. Extra Batteries: Needed to power the audio recorder in the reporter's kit.
  3. Ruggedized Laptop: A lot of running around requires a little extra protection.
  4. Snacks: What's the trick to keeping everyone on their game during such a busy week? Snacks. Lots of them.
  5. Caffeine: Mission critical for the long days and late nights of convention coverage.
  6. Gaffer's Tape: A lot like duct tape, but even better. Used to tape down cables to the floor in NPR's convention booth.
  7. Permanent Markers: These will come in handy over and over during convention weeks. And they can even write on gaffer's tape.
  8. ID and Credentials: Security checks are required all throughout the convention venues, so ID cards and press credentials are a crucial addition.
  9.  EVDO Card: Having this little wireless device along means our team will be able to access the Internet everywhere.

And the second shows us the "fun stuff" for Florida:  sun screen and rain boots!

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