University of Alabama hires Bill Battle as Athletics Director

Mar 22, 2013

The University Of Alabama Board Of Trustees today approved the hiring of Bill Battle as Athletics Director. He’ll replace Mal Moore who resigned the position this week due to health reasons. The two men played on Legendary Coach Bear Bryant’s first national championship football team at Alabama back in 1961. “If I didn’t do this,” said Battle, “I’d regret it the rest of my life. Because it’s a great opportunity to pay back the university, if I can, what a great debt I owe the university.” That’s the soft-spoken Bill Battle. If you want to hear a response that’s a little more fired up, mention counterfeit University of Alabama ball caps, or t-shirts. After coaching at the University of Tennessee, Battle founded the Collegiate Licensing Company in 1981. If you ever bought a college football hat with the little holographic sticker that says “officially licensed,” that’s what the CLC does. If anyone sees fake college memorabilia, Battle wants to hear about it. “Well, report them!” he says. “We’re out there hustling, and we spend a lot of time trying police things, and if you’ve got some information to share, tell me and we’ll get on it.” Battle says he wants six weeks to learn the job of Alabama Athletics Director. Also, a campus map would be useful. The former Crimson Tide football player says a lot of the roads have changed since his time in Tuscaloosa.