U.A. Student Attending Climate Conference in Peru

Nov 24, 2014

A University of Alabama student is heading to Lima, Peru next month for a United Nations conference on climate change.  Catherine King is a chemical engineering major with a focus on green chemistry.  She’s one of 8 students across the country the American Chemical Society selected to attend the conference.  King says the issue of climate change has become too politicized.

Catherine King: “Actually the United States is one of the only countries who’s still debating whether it exists at all.  A lot of places have accepted it.  And I don’t think it should be a political debate.  I think it’s kind of a problem that it is.”

King’s interest in climate change has grown since being selected.  So has her perspective on the debate over what to do about it.

King: “The thing that I think a lot of people think is that people who are talking about climate change want us to stop using fossil fuels or something, and nobody wants that.  Everyone knows there’s no way we could do that and nobody expects that.  I think it’s just kind of like a push towards renewable energy and just better, more efficient means that aren’t so harmful.”

The conference runs from December 1st through the 12th.   It’s leading up to a major conference next year in Paris where world leaders hope to reach a global consensus on climate change. 

King and the other students will be observing and blogging about the event at the website studentsonclimatechange.com and at their facebook page: facebook.com/studentsonclimatechange.

You can hear an interview with King by clicking the link above.