Thursday Afternoon at Three Alabama Airports

Undated, AL – Here's a look at the security situation at three major Alabama airports on Thursday afternoon.

Birmingham International Airport

Lines are expected to get long again at the Birmingham International Airport through the early evening hours. Things should get back to normal after 6 PM. At one point today, the security wait was about an hour, and flights were delayed for about the same amount of time. But an airport spokeswoman says travelers have been better prepared for the delays since this morning.

Huntsville International Airport

There's no wait right now at the Huntsville International Airport. There haven't been any significant security delays there since early this morning, when the longest wait time was about 20 minutes. There have been no flight delays, and a spokeswoman says passengers have been doing a good job following the new travel requirements.

Montgomery Regional Airport

Things are moving smoothly at the Montgomery Regional Airport this afternoon, and a spokesman says he expects things to be fine this evening. There aren't any major delays in security screening, but it is taking a bit longer than usual.

Airports across the state are urging travelers to check with their airlines to make sure they're up to date on any flight changes. Airports also are suggesting travelers should arrive one to one-and-a-half hours ahead of your boarding times.