Thousands of people still awaiting tax refunds

Jul 9, 2012

State officials say more than 25,000 individuals or married couples who are owed income tax refunds still haven't gotten them.

The state has paid more than a million personal income tax refunds so far this fiscal year.

Revenue Department spokeswoman Carla Snellgrove said state officials have sent personal income tax refunds totaling $480.8 million to 1,042,192 individuals or couples from Oct. 1 through Friday. The state's 2012 fiscal year started Oct. 1.

Snellgrove said the department as of Friday also had approved payment of personal income tax refunds totaling $16.2 million for 25,716 individuals or couples, but those refunds have yet to be paid.

Assistant state Finance Director Bill Newton said he didn't know when those approved refunds would be paid.

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