State Troopers Write Record Number of Tickets, Continue Enforcement

Montgomery, AL – State troopers say they'll continue to strictly enforce speed limits on Alabama's interstates. Hundreds of tickets have already been written in the speeding crackdown. Troopers wrote almost 375 tickets on Interstate 65 in a 12-hour period Friday. By comparison, troopers averaged writing only about 266 tickets per day across the entire state last year. Dorris Teague is the spokeswoman for the Alabama Department of Public Safety. She says that in addition to the speeding tickets, another 200 citations were also issued for other traffic violations. Along with the tickets written by troopers, hundreds more were also written by police and sheriff's deputies who are now part of the I-65 detail. At least one law officer has been positioned every 10 miles along I 65 from the Tennessee state line to Mobile. But Governor Riley's spokesman Jeff Emerson says it's too early to call the crackdown a success...despite the large number of tickets written in the first few days.