Speeding Now Main Cause of Death on State Roads

Montgomery, AL – New federal statistics say speeding is now the number one cause of death on Alabama highways. The statistics show that speeding surpassed driving under the influence last year as the leading cause of fatal accidents in the state. That's the first time that's happened in almost 30 years. The reports say speeding contributed to 140 of Alabama's 899 fatal crashes that killed one thousand people last year. State troopers believe the number of DUI fatalities has gone down because of education programs. The Department of Public Safety, meanwhile, says speeding has increased because of a shortage of a state troopers. Governor Riley says the state has 360 troopers on the roads but should have 800. The Governor announced a statewide crackdown on speeding in August. Sheriff's deputies and some larger city police departments joined in to help alleviate the trooper shortage.