Severe Weather, Santa Claus Audit, Fire Deaths Up

Dec 23, 2014

Alabama Fire Marshal Ed Paulk


The National Weather Service says conditions could get rough starting this afternoon. The forecast is calling for straight line winds and the possibility of isolated tornadoes starting later today and into Wednesday. Today’s outlook calls for a lot of rain in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham and south of those cities. Tomorrow’s forecast includes rain for more southern areas of the state. Forecaster Gary Goggins says the fact that people are travelling for Christmas could complicate things…

“Now, if you’re travelling to someone else’s home, be sure you know what the weather’s like in their location. It’s a complicated situation during the holidays. We just ask everyone to keep informed and keep weather aware during the time coming up.”

A tornado hit Mobile on Christmas day back in 2012. The storm knocked out power to twenty one thousand people. Thirty four twisters occurred throughout the south that day, killing two people in Texas and Oklahoma.

Filling all those holiday stockings this month can mean extra bills in the new year. There’s a way to know if you’ll find yourself on the Naughty or Nice list when it comes to your finances.  The Certified Financial Planners Board of Standards in Birmingham is conducting what it calls the "Santa Claus Audit." Scott Ward is a spokesman for the Board. He says several things will land you on the "Naughty List..."

"Adding to an existing credit balance unnecessarily can create undesirable circumstances for you financial health. I think dipping into emergency reserves too much this time of year and not really keeping track of your credit report.  "

Ward adds you can make it onto the "Nice List" by always shopping with a list and keeping to a budget throughout the year.

Fire deaths are up slightly this year in Alabama over 2013.

The state fire marshal's office says 86 people have died in fires so far this year in the state. That's four more fatalities than during the same period last year.

Fire Marshal Ed Paulk says the worst month for fire deaths so far in 2014 was January, when 28 people died in house fires. The state experienced an unsual mix of bitterly cold weather and snow that month.