School Test Results, EMS Training and The Alabama Rural Caucus

Dec 12, 2014

Alabama School Superintendent Dr. Tommy Bice
Credit The Montgomery Advertiser


The results are in for the standardized tests high school students take in Alabama. APR’s Pat Duggins the scores for eighth graders are a concern…

New standardized tests show that half of Alabama eighth-graders aren't meeting reading and math standards. The Department of Education says about a third of eighth-graders were considered ready or exceeding math standards. Almost half were ready or exceeding reading standards. The rest were classified as close to meeting standards or in need of support. Alabama Superintendent Tommy Bice says the low scores don’t mean student performance is slipping. He said previous expectations were too low. Bice said the tests are a better reflection of what students should know. Just over half of third-graders did well on their math. However, just over a third received good scores on reading.

A community college near Huntsville begins work today sharpening the skills of emergency medical technicians. Northeast Alabama Community College was just named the state’s only training center on new techniques to help injured accident victims breathe. Paramedics will attend classes today on how to maintain a patient’s airway. Shelia Barnes is the school’s emergency medical services program director. She says both students and veteran EMT’s can benefit from the class…

"We're training our current EMS students at different levels, at EMT, Advanced EMT, or Paramedics, and we're going to offer to practitioners who are in the field practicing."

Northeast Alabama Community College is also taking this course on the road throughout the state. Hospitals or other colleges can request training sessions for their staff and students.

Republican state Representative David Standridge of Hayden has been elected chairman of the Rural Caucus in the Alabama House of Representatives.

Standridge says the bipartisan group works to protect rural communities and make sure that necessary services are available, including roads, medical care and high-speed Internet.

Democratic Representative Johnny Mack Morrow of Red Bay is the group's vice chairman. Republican Representative Randall Shedd of Fairview is treasurer, and Democratic Representative Pebblin Warren of Tuskegee is secretary.