School Resource Officers Meeting in Hoover

May 8, 2017

Law officers and school officials will be meeting in Hoover today to try to make schools safer.

The non-profit National Association of School Resource Officers is holding its first-ever national leadership summit. The conference is meant to teach lawmen and educators how to pick the best police officers to work on school campuses. NASRO says veteran officers with no disciplinary problems tend to be the best candidates.

NASRO Executive Director Mo Canady says handling something like a disorderly conduct case at a school is much different than what police face on the streets.

“In a school environment, as you learn this role, you learn that you have other resources around to help with that situation, which might very well cause you to not have to make an arrest.”

Canady says the conference will also include instruction on how to handle various situations ranging from trespassing to active shooter attacks such as Columbine or Sandy Hook.