Roy Moore Has 2nd Best Fundraising Month

Sep 1, 2012

Republican chief justice candidate Roy Moore had his second best fundraising month so far in August.

Moore filed a campaign finance report Friday showing he raised more than $82,000 in August. That was topped only by his $102,000 in June.

Many of Moore's contributions came in after the Democratic Party disqualified its original candidate, Harry Lyon, on Aug. 20 and chose Jefferson County Circuit Judge Bob Vance. The contributions after the candidate switch included $25,000 from timber executive Guice Slawson and $5,000 from Michael Peroutka, who was the Constitution Party candidate for president in 2004.

Earlier in the month, Moore got $5,000 from Gena Norris, who's the wife of TV star Chuck Norris.

Vance reported Friday that he raised more than $43,000 during his short time in the race.

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