Riley / AEA Lock Horns over COLAS

Montgomery, AL – The Riley Administration is criticizing a recent Alabama Education Association mailing sent to state education workers. The mailing accuses the Governor of trying to kill COLAS--or the cost of living adjustments for retirees.
The governor's communications director, Jeff Emerson says the mailing is an intentional distortion of Riley's reform plan, and called the A-E-A's union bosses dishonest and deceitful. He also says the Governor has been very clear that he is protecting COLAS. The plan includes a provision so future public and education employees will have to work 30 years to be eligible for full retirement benefits instead of 25. Emerson also says current workers will NOT be affected under the new plan.
The A-E-A says all of the claims made in the mailing have been made at some point by groups associated with the Riley administration.