Reasons to Adopt a Cat

Jun 28, 2014

A handsome feline friend!
Credit Kevin Dooley [Flickr]

Some folks consider cats to be aloof and one-dimensional, but those of us who have feline family members know they are funny, affectionate, playful and, yes, independent.  But that very spirit that makes them independent also helps to make them lower maintenance pets when compared to, say, dogs.


More cats and kittens are surrendered to animal shelters in the month of June than during any other month of the year. That’s why the American Humane Association has designated June as Adopt-a-Cat Month.

If you have never had a cat, you might be wondering if they really make good pets. A lot of people think so, because cats now outnumber dogs in American homes. Here are a few reasons why you might choose a cat as a pet.

Cats do well in busy households, because they are somewhat self-sufficient. If you can’t get home because you had to work late, or had a meeting at school or any of a hundred other reasons, as long as they have food, water and a litter box, they will be fine. (They should not be left alone for days at a time.)

They also do well in small spaces, like apartments, as long as you play with them and keep them active. One of the best cat toys is a laser pointer – a cat will chase that elusive little red dot endlessly. (Just make sure never to shine it in the animal’s eyes.) Or adopt two cats, so they can play and keep each other company.

Unlike dogs who require multiple trips outside every day to relieve themselves, cats don’t need to be walked because they can take care of business at the litter box. Just make sure to keep it clean. That doesn’t mean you can’t teach your feline friend to walk on a leash attached to a cat harness. It just takes a little patience on both ends of the leash but it’s a great activity to bond with your pet.

A cat can be a great snuggle-buddy. If you have a boring or tiresome or unpleasant chore to do, or if you just want to be a couch potato, you can find lots of reasons to procrastinate when you have a purring friend on your lap. And the soothing sound of a cat’s purr can be a great stress-reliever and mood-lifter.

June is almost over, but this is still a great time to visit your local animal shelter and find a feline friend of your own. When you adopt a cat, you will be saving a life, and in turn making your own life better. Sounds to me like a great definition for a perfect companion, when you’re speaking of pets.