Public Radio Mutt

Sep 17, 2016

Sweet Ivy - definitely a mixed Terrier
Credit Skip Baumhower

For Ivy, genetic diversity made her a wonderful pet and furry friend.  For Alabama Public Radio, programming variety gives you a great menu of listening choices, and makes for a wonderful radio companion at home, in your car, on your computer or phone - wherever you happen to be!


Some pet owners claim their mutts are generally healthier than purebred animals. Several years ago a study at the University of California – Davis showed, in fact, that certain genetic disorders are more likely to show up in purebred pets. Owners of mixed breed dogs believe that their genetically diverse pets are not only healthier, they are more adaptable and dare I say, cuter! Sometimes part of the fun is trying to figure out just what breeds make up that four-footed family member. We had a mixed terrier named Ivy. She was quite an unusual-looking dog, with a small body, long legs and odd bits of hair hanging off here and there. We were often asked, “What kind of dog IS that?” She was very healthy and lived to be almost twenty years old. She was a great pet and companion.

I don’t know if I would call Alabama Public Radio a “mutt” but it is a great companion that offers a wide mixture of programming. Morning Edition and All Things Considered bring us stories from around the country and the world, while APR’s award-winning news team keeps us up-to-date on what’s happening locally and around our state. David Duff is my hero when it comes to classical music; and I’ve had more than a few driveway moments listening to Fresh Air with Terry Gross – you know, when you are stuck in your car in the driveway because you want to hear the rest of a story or interview. On the weekend, you can listen to Car Talk, A Prairie Home Companion, and music – bluegrass, jazz, big band music, and Dale Owen’s The Crooners – and of course, Speaking of Pets! It’s a great blend of programs and styles that makes it easy to find something – really, a lot of things – you like.

I hope you believe in Alabama Public Radio as much as I do. If so, visit the website at and click on the DONATE link at the top of the page. You choose how much you want to give and fill in a few items of information. That’s all there is to it. Like a mixed breed pet that is healthier and lives longer, the diversity of APR makes it healthier and helps to ensure it can continue to provide the variety of quality programming that we count on every day, when we’re speaking of Alabama Public Radio.