Public meetings about 2018 oil & gas leases this week, next

Sep 6, 2016

The federal government will take comments at a public meeting tomorrow in Mobile regarding the environmental impacts of two oil-lease sales scheduled for 2018.  APR Student Reporter Parker Branton has more…

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management announced back in August that it would hold what are known as scoping meetings. The gatherings will establish of criteria and possible alternatives to the two oil leases in question.

50 opponents of Gulf of Mexico leases protested at an April presentation in New Orleans about that plan. 

The agency says the meetings will focus on information since the environmental impact statement about its five-year plan was released.  There will also be meetings in Houston and New Orleans next week. 

The supplemental impact statement will release later this month.  After that, The agency will take mailed or public comments for 30 days.