Presidents Bush Gets Approval From Voters

Alabama – A new poll shows that most Alabamians rate President Bush's overall job performance as excellent or good.
However, many also feel the capture of Saddam Hussein will either increase the likelihood of terrorist attacks against the United States or make no difference. When asked to rate the president's overall job performance, 32-percent said he was doing an excellent job, 35 percent said he was doing a good job. 21 percent gave Bush a fair rated and 10 percent rated his performance as poor.
The poll also found Alabamians see the economy and health care as the top priorities of the federal government in 2004. That's followed by the war on terrorism and the situation in Iraq. The poll also showed mixed feelings about Bush's handling of the economy but support for his handling of the situation in Iraq.
The survey from the Mobile Register and the University of South Alabama has a margin of error of 5 percentage points