President Bush to Visit State This Weekend to Survey Ivan Damage

Montgomery, AL – The White House says President Bush plans to visit Alabama and Florida Sunday to survey the damage. Governor Riley and at least three of Alabama's congressional delegates plan to fly over the coast Friday morning to view the wreckage. Officials say most of the large, new condominiums on the coast appeared to have only minor damage. But they say several smaller buildings have partially collapsed. Meanwhile...U.S. Representative Spencer Bachus says special Congressional funding will be available to repair any highways or bridges in Alabama damaged by Hurricane Ivan. The Alabama Republican is a member of the House Transportation Committee. He says the emergency funding insures that no funds allocated to Alabama for other transportation projects will be used for hurricane damaged infrastructure. He also says that means the state Department of Transportation can continue work on Corridor X and the Northern Beltline as well as other major roadway improvements even if other highways or bridges are damaged by Ivan. Congress has approved spending up to 100 million dollars to repair or reconstruct federal-aid highways damaged by severe weather.