PCB Plaintiffs Surprised At Lawyer Fees

Anniston, AL – Thousands of Anniston residents are still waiting to receive their share of a recently settled PCB pollution lawsuit.
The plaintiffs are among more than 18-thousand in the Tolbert versus Monsanto Corporation case, where Monsanto was found liable for causing widespread pollution in the Anniston area. Last December, the courts awarded 300 million dollars to plaintiffs. A 500-dollar advance award was issued before last Christmas, and a 7-thousand dollar subsequent award has yet to be distributed. But some plaintiffs say they aren't getting enough money.
Attorneys say the group was told that lawyer fees would be about 40 percent. Of the 300 million dollars awarded, attorneys collected 120 million, nine million was set aside for individual advances and four million was used for blood testing.
Attorneys says the more than 18-thousand plaintiffs will share remaining 167 million dollars.