Patriotic Language

Jul 24, 2014
Originally published on January 15, 2015 9:56 am

Why do we call them "French fries" even though they aren't French? When you're done pondering that question, you'll find that all answers in this final round contain nationalities.

Heard in Episode 322: A Primate Example

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And now we're going to crown this week's grand champion. Let's bring back to How To Win at Trivia, Allison Jones.


EISENBERG: From The Most Unusual Tea Shop, Matt Jacobs.


EISENBERG: From Place That Band, Rachel Jacobs.


EISENBERG: And from Fair Weather Friends, Cleo Conde.


EISENBERG: Our puzzle guru Art Chung will take us out.

ART CHUNG: This final round is called Patriotic Language. Every answer is a common phrase that begins with a nationality. For example, if I said it's a yellow dairy product that is distinctive for its many holes, the answer would be Swiss cheese. We're going to play this spelling B style, so one wrong answer and you're out. You only have a few seconds to give me that answer. And the last person standing is our ASK ME ANOTHER grand winner. As your prize, Andy Serkis will record for you a voice home message in the character voice of your choice. So stakes are high. Here we go. Allison, it's deep-fried strips of potatoes common in fast-food restaurants.

ALLISON JONES: French fries.

CHUNG: That's right. Matt, it's the process of using a bee by-product to remove all the hair around your nether regions.


CHUNG: Three seconds.

MATT JACOBS: Brazilian wax.

CHUNG: That's right.


CHUNG: The only guy in the group.


CHUNG: Rachel, it's the nontechnical name for conjoined siblings.

RACHEL JACOBS: Siamese twins.

CHUNG: You got it.


CHUNG: Cleo, the mostly incomprehensible Muppet character with unique culinary skills known for saying work, work, work.

CLEO CONDE: The Swedish chef.

CHUNG: That's right - Swedish chef.


CHUNG: We're back to Allison. Do a trade embargo imposed in 1962, it remains illegal for American citizens to purchase these tobacco products.

JONES: Cuban cigars.

CHUNG: Well-done.


CHUNG: Matt, a set of nested wooden figures of decreasing size placed once inside the other.

M. JACOBS: Russian dolls.

CHUNG: That's right.


CHUNG: Rachel, Kevin Spacey won a best actor Oscar for this film that was also named best picture. Three seconds.

R. JACOBS: Oh, no. Always get this one wrong.

CHUNG: I need an answer. I'm sorry. Times up. We go to Cleo. Cleo, do you know the answer?

CONDE: The American President?

CHUNG: The American President, no, I'm sorry that's incorrect. Quickly we're to Allison.

JONES: "Pay It Forward."


CHUNG: "Pay It Forward" is not correct. Matt, if you know the answer, you're our grand prize winner.

M. JACOBS: "American Beauty."

CHUNG: That's right.


EISENBERG: All the American beauties are behind you. But, Matt, you did it. You're our ASK ME ANOTHER big winner. congratulations.


EISENBERG: Andy Serkis will come out and record a voicemail greeting for you. All right, so does Matt get a choice here?

M. JACOBS: Can I ask the audience?


M. JACOBS: All right, I figured as much.

AUDIENCE: "Star Wars."


ANDY SERKIS: OK. Here we go. So, Matt, this is just your own personal answer phone, yeah?


SERKIS: Yeah, OK. And do you - just tell me a little bit about yourself so I can, you know...

M. JACOBS: What would you like to know?

SERKIS: Well, you now, do you have a partner or - that sounded like, really...


SERKIS: I mean, do - you know. Are there any other people that you'd like me to include in this message.

M. JACOBS: I'm actually getting married in a month.

SERKIS: There you go.


SERKIS: And what's your...

M. JACOBS: She's in the audience.

SERKIS: Oh, really. And what's your fiance's name?

M. JACOBS: Mel. Melissa.

SERKIS: Mel. (As Gollum) Hello, precious. Yes, yes. Hello, precious. I'm sorry, but Matt can't be with you right now. No, he's with Mel. Yes, precious. He's with Mel, and they're getting married. Shut up! Shut up. You're not supposed to tell anybody. Oh, sorry. Sorry, but he's my friend. You don't have any friends. Well, you can leave a message anyway. Oh, shut up.


EISENBERG: Andy Serkis. And that's our show. Thanks for listening. If you would like to be a contestant on our show, find us on Facebook or Twitter. Just look around for NPR/AskMeAnother. And you can be a puzzle player any time, any place by downloading our podcast from iTunes, Stitcher or TuneIn. This was ASK ME ANOTHER from NPR.

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