NPR's Cities Project

Jul 10, 2012

Urbanization has become a buzzword of the times, as more than half of the world's population now lives in urban areas. In the United States, it's more than 80-percent. There is an increasing awareness of cities as a defining trait of humanity and their importance to our health, economy, environment, and more.

DO YOU LIVE IN A CITY?  Check out this flow chart

In a series of radio segments for All Things Considered and features on, the Cities Project captures the vibrancy of the urban experience, the street-level view of people who live and work in real space, and the tough and multifaceted ongoing issues of urban life such as development, preservation, transportation, diversity, and the economy.

Today on All Things Considered, the story is about Moving Buildings.  Furture stories include The So-Called War on Cars, Tearing Down Highways, New York Taxis, Park Deficit in Miami and Smart Cities Industry   - amoung many other topics.  The series runs through early fall.

Implicit in every Cities Project story are these questions: How do we want to live? What do we want our cities to be? Correspondents will define cities broadly -- not just the big municipalities, but suburbs and smaller cities, too. Stories will be crafted with audience participation in mind, posing questions to the listener and featuring interactivity online