New Medicaid System Endorsed By Governor Bentley

Mar 12, 2013

Gov. Robert Bentley announced his support for the Medicaid Advisory Commission's recommendations to change Alabama's Medicaid system.

Governor Robert Bentley has announced his support for changes to Alabama's Medicaid system that would impact one out of every five Alabamians.

The Medicaid Advisory Commission advocates changing the basic operating model from a fee-for-service system to a managed care program. Under the proposal, private-sector contractors would develop care networks in eight newly-created regions across the state.

The new framework would aim to offer better service to patients through regional operations that are responsive to local needs, according to the governor.

State Health Officer Dr. Donald Williamson explained that new programs would offer better care to consumers by implementing more preventative services and the quality of care would be monitored by the state.

The Legislature will have to enact new laws before changing the state's Medicaid system.