More Than 70 Confirmations Die At Session's End

May 21, 2013

Governor Robert Bentley is exploring his options after 70 nominations to state boards died without a vote.

When the Legislature adjourned Monday just before midnight, more than 70 nominations to state boards died without a vote.

The affected bodies range from university governing boards to the state environmental management board and the Real Estate Commission.

Of the pending nominations, 56 were from Gov. Robert Bentley, while another 14 came from legislative leaders or self-perpetuating boards.

For some posts, like the University of Alabama System board, the inaction doesn't matter since nominees begin serving when they are chosen. But the chamber's failure to act will create vacancies on multiple boards, according to Bentley's office, whose members can't be seated until they are confirmed.

The governor's press secretary, Jennifer Ardis, says Bentley's staff is reviewing state laws relating the various boards to examine the governor's options.