Mardi Gras: It's all over but the parades...

Feb 27, 2017

The Mardi Gras season is coming to a close in Mobile tomorrow. Fat Tuesday is the culmination of the party filled season, and officials estimate over one million people have visited the Port City. Judy Gulledge is the Executive Director for the Mobile Carnival Association. She says the city touts its family friendly atmosphere and fun for everybody approach to the festivities.

“We’ve been celebrating the public part of Mardi Gras with the parades for over 150 years. Our streets are lined with families, many of them staking out along the parade route where their families have been standing for generations.”

The Mardi Gras season is one of the most profitable times for the Mobile area. Mobile is the original home for Mardi Gras in North America, starting in 1703. Fat Tuesday parades will kick off with the Order of Athena at 10:30 A.M.