Listen to Alabama Life from 10-16-2005

From the Westervelt-Warner Museum to the Kentuck Arts Festival to the APR Events Calender, this is the ART edition of Alabama Life.

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[LISTEN - 4:46]
The Westervelt-Warner Museum in Tuscaloosa uses its collection to provide visitors historical perspective. A recent auction raised money to support an educational program.

[LISTEN - 3:46]
Jeannie Guthrie talks about art and Kentuck. She is an art teacher and volunteer at the Kentuck Art's Festival.

[LISTEN - 2:27]
Listen to the APR Events Calendar for the week. To find out what else is happening, click here for the full Events Calendar, including information about submitting your own events.

[LISTEN - 3:12]
Storyteller Kathryn Tucker Windham talks about Kentuck, one of her favorite events.