Lawmakers Could Vote On Memorial Bill

Apr 27, 2017

Alabama Confederate Monument on Capitol Hill, Montgomery, Ala.
Credit Wikimedia

State lawmakers are approaching a decision on whether to prevent changes to long-standing monuments in the state, including Confederate memorials.

The state House of Representatives is scheduled to vote later today on a bill that would forbid any alterations or removal of markers that have stood for more than 20 years.

Gov. Kay Ivey could sign the legislation into law if the House passes it. A spokeswoman says Ivey’s office will review the bill if it is approved.

The measure passed the Senate despite hours of opposition from legislators who argued the preservation of monuments with links to slavery is offensive to African-Americans.

Tuscaloosa Republican Sen. Gerald Allen argues his bill is intended to preserve the state’s history.

The vote comes days after a Confederate statue in New Orleans was taken down.