Lance Armstrong Cuts Formal Ties With Livestrong Charity

Nov 12, 2012

The fallout from the Lance Armstrong doping scandal continues: Today, Livestrong announced the cyclist had cut all formal ties with the cancer charity.

AP reports:

"Armstrong resigned from the board of directors for Livestrong on Nov. 4. He had previously resigned as chairman from the charity he founded Oct. 17 but had kept a seat on the board. ...

"Livestrong spokeswoman Katherine McLane said Monday that Armstrong "remains the inspiration" and is still its largest donor with nearly $7 million over the years.

"In a statement, new board chairman Jeff Garvey said Armstrong resigned from the board to spare the organization any negative effects resulting from the controversy surrounding his cycling career."

Remember, Amstrong has been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles after the United States Anti-Doping Agency found he not only doped to win, but was also central to helping his USPS team dope.

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