Judge Rejects Moving Kharon Davis Trial

Aug 4, 2017

Kharon Davis at a court hearing

A judge says he is not moving the murder trial of an Alabama man that has so far been jailed for 10 years without receiving a trial.

Yesterday, Houston County Judge Kevin Moulton denied a defense request to move the trial due to publicity surrounding the case. Judge Moulton says defense lawyers for Kharon Davis failed to demonstrate that media coverage surrounding the trial would prevent Davis from receiving a fair trial in Houston County. Moulton says defense lawyers would be able to determine whether jurors were biased against their defendant during jury selection.

Davis is accused of killing a Dothan man during a robbery. He has been held continuously in Houston County Jail since he was arrested on June 9, 2007 and maintains his innocence. His trial has been postponed multiple times, largely due to attorney changes.