"I hope this will make a new awareness of this important part of history"

Jun 12, 2018

Andrew Tumminia and April Livingston
Credit StoryCorps

Cudjoe Kazoola Lewis was the longest-living survivor of the Clotilda. the last-recorded slave ship to land in the United States in Mobile Bay. In the 1860s, Lewis founded Africatown with a group of other Clotilda survivors – just three miles north of downtown Mobile. Many of Lewis’ descendants still live in Africatown today.

April Livingston is an artist and resident of Mobile. In 2016, she created a bust of Lewis for Africatown’s Union Missionary Baptist Church. In this StoryCorps interview, April tells her boyfriend Andrew about the time she spent on this project and how it has led to her personal growth... 

*Correction: In the piece, April says "Lincoln made a mandate that no more slaves should be imported into the United States;" however, it was Thomas Jefferson who called for the Act to prohibit the importation of slaves into the U.S.