Home Safety Money Available In 8 Alabama Counties

Jul 31, 2013

Gov. Robert Bentley announced hazard mitigation funds are now available for residents in eight Alabama to safeguard their homes from severe weather.
Credit The Associated Press

Residents in eight Alabama counties will have an opportunity to safeguard their homes from severe weather.

Gov. Robert Bentley said Wednesday that more than $900,000 in hazard mitigation funds is available in Baldwin, Covington, Dallas, Geneva, Mobile, Monroe, Perry and Pickens counties.

The funds are a result of the federal disaster declaration for Hurricane Isaac in 2012. People interested in applying should contact their county Emergency Management Agency office.

Bentley says the priority for the coastal counties of Baldwin and Mobile is residential wind retrofitting. That includes securing roof systems, installing impact-resistant windows, modifying attic ventilation openings and installing new roof coverings.

For the other counties, the priorities are individual and community safe rooms.