High Gas Prices Concerns

UNDATED – The latest surveys show we're paying more than ever to put gas in our cars. But that doesn't mean we have no choice but to pour larger and larger amounts of our income into our gas tanks.

Triple-A's Geoff Sundstrom says motorists can take some steps and get a bigger bang for every buck spent at the gas station. He
says try to consolidate your trips, make sure you're not carrying excess weight in your vehicle and keep it well-maintained.

The Alliance to Save Energy adds that you'll use less fuel if you keep your tires properly inflated, use the recommended grade of motor oil, and curb any impulses toward aggressive driving --
because speeding, rapid acceleration and rapid braking all waste gas.

Triple-A's Sundstrom says you may decide to take more dramatic action. He says when you're looking for a new car, you need to understand that prices will probably move even higher throughout the decade. So, you may want to shop for a more fuel-efficient
model than the vehicle you're driving now.