Guntersville Mayor to be Determined by Trial

Guntersville, AL – A trial will begin Thursday to re-examine the Guntersville mayoral election that took place in August. Mayor James Townson defeated Bom Hembree, Jr., by one vote. 70 absentee ballots are expected to be the focus of the trial. The plaintiffs int he case say some votes should not have been counted. They also say that election officials may have refused to count some legal ballots. If legally-counted ballots are ruled illegal--or vice versa--the judge can break the seal on the ballot and change the vote total. The plaintiffs say some votes were illegaly because they did not include required information such as valid picture ID or reasons for voting absentee. Hembree initially requested the recount after the eelction. But he conceded when the totals did not change. He now says he will serve as mayor if the court rules that he's the winner.